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Master classes and workshops ranging from 2.5 hours - 5 days, residential and non-residential, for ensembles/choirs and soloists.

Many of the ideas discussed above are included in this workshop


 • A solo singer's course could last for anything up to 5

    days, with a public concert/recital at the end. Paul

    would concentrate not only on coaching the singers on

    repertoire and vocal technique, but like the ensemble

    course, there would be a real emphasis placed upon

    public engagement through performance technique

    and presentation.


 • The Solo Singer's workshop should have a maximum of

    10-15 participants, in order to have enough time to

    devote to individuals over the duration of the course.


 • This course should include at least two accompanists/

    repetiteurs so that participants may have time to

    practice when sessions and seminars are not taking



 • We would include seminars on audition and interview

    technique, public engagement, entrepreneurial skills

    and a special lecture entitled 'The Life of a King's

    Singer,engaging audiences around the world'.


 • Workshop to include use of video to review performance

    and focus on areas for improvement.


 • Public attendance would be ideal for the sessions, giving

    students real-world experience, and Paul would

    encourage discussion and questions from the public.

For full details and costs, please contact info@purplevocals.com


 Suggested schedule


• Welcome, meet and greet, short introduction and


 • Discussion of aims and goals, with all either singing or


 • Short break.

 • 2 x 45 minutes sessions (if 2 choirs) or 1.5 hours (if 1


    Paul will work with the choir(s) on presentation and

    performance technique, programme building and


 • Lunch.

 • Lecture 30 minutes ’Engaging audiences around  the


    with Q&A.

 • 2 x 45 minutes session (if 2 choirs) or 1.5 hours (if 1


    with run-through of pieces, in preparation for mini-


 • Break and rest.

 • Final performance of 50 – 60 minutes incl. interaction

    with audience.

For full details and costs, please contact info@purplevocals.com

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